Delanor Border Collies
Delanor Supersonic Boom "Boomer"
Stud Dog - Dual Registered
Previous Litter 4th May 2012
Molly x Boomer
Previous Litter 7th September 2011
Jazz x Mint
Previous Litter 16th June 2011
Waggitt x Diesel
Previous Litter 18th September 2010
Molly x Boomer
Previous litter 12th July 2010
Waggitt x D.J.
Previous Litter 4th July 2010
Spice x Boomer
Previous Litter 24th January 2009.
Molly X Turbo Diesel
Previous Litter 2nd July 2008
Kirri x Boomer
Previous Litter 22nd June 2008
Waggitt x Diesel
Previous Litter 1st July 2007
Kirri x Darkie
Previous Litter 6th June 2007
Molly x Diesel
Previous Litter 1st September 2006
Kirri x Mac
Previous Litter 31st August 2004
Kirri x Darkie
Previous Litter 4th March 2003
Cassie x Callum
Previous Litter 1st February 2002
Gael x Erin
Previous Litter 4th July 2000
Gael x Erin
Previous Litter 6th May 1998
Asti x Don
Previous Litter 12th April 1997
Crystal x Badger
Previous Litter 20th April 1996
Crystal x Badger
Previous Litter 27th May 1992
Gill x Badger
Previous Litter: 6th August 1990
Gill x Raffles
Previous Litter: 1st January 1987
Della x Duke
Trifle's pups
Anna & Boomers pups
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Anyone who has sent me an email asking about planned litters, I am sorry all my emails have gone,new computer. Please send me a message or leave me your email address and I'll contact you again. Thanks

Delanor Border Collies are based in Norfolk, U.K. We hope you enjoy browsing our site and meeting the dogs we have bred.

Our dogs are of all English lines going back to Eileen Stone's Gemond Border Collies, Detania Border Collies and Ob.Ch.Stillmoor Jamie of Hurstview. Most are registered with the International Sheepdog Society and all are Kennel Club registered.

They are first and foremost our pets, what they gain in the Obedience ring is a bonus to us. They always enjoy their training and are taken regularly to our dog club, which we have run since 1983

Our aims are to selectively breed dogs with charismatic attitudes,yet sensitive and malleable enough to carry out their original intended work and become loving loyal pets.Our dogs are bred to have fun in what they naturally do, reared in a home environment,naturalized to life with humans and human-dog integration.

We normally breed only 1 or 2 litters a year and the puppies are raised in the house and socialized to all domestic noises

Enquiries: Tel: 07787503519

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